On 28th Dec 2005, while eating at a Sushi restaurant called Yumi which is located on Bloor St. in Toronto, Canada. I decided to write a book about making chopstick rests out of the chopstick wrapper. It was prompted by wondering what the branch of origami for folding chopstick wrappers is called and not knowing the name making one up: Sushigami. On returning home, I searched Google and Amazon for chopstick rest sites and books and was surprised to find very few site hits and no books whatsoever on the topic at Amazon which is kind of strange considering the large number of people I see folding up their chopsitck wrappers to rest their chopsticks and considering the wide range of books on origami. Of course, this is hardly a mainstream, best-seller topic for a book, but it is, I think, a great topic for a ‘Long Tail’ book, a great topic for a web 2.0 era book published using Print On Demand technology printed directly off a PDF file generated by the author — me! — and complemented with Cafe Press T-shirts and mugs. Just the type of fun spare time project I like.

This blog documents everything from Day One, my thoughts, ideas, mis-steps, plans, etc. or at least as much as I can remember on a daily basis.

Oh! My name is Neil Bartlett.

If you’re new here I recommend that you start at the beginning [NOTE I just got the site up on Sunday 22nd Jan 2006 and I don’t anticipate having ported all my blog entries over to here until the middle of the week so if you interested…come back then! ]