Put some thinking into the big picture of publishing the book.

According to my initial reading in PDF Hacks, I’ll need to get an ISBN. I suspect I’ll need a US ISBN at some point, but since I live in Canada, I thought I’d do my country proud and apply for an ISBN here in the Great White North. Actually, my patriotism is only skin deep: Canadian ISBNs are free and, to my miserly mind, a good way to skinny dip my toe in the water.

So first step is to fill in the application, a seemingly simple process. But wait, getting an ISBN means I’m about to become a publisher and, according to the application form, I need a name for my publishing company. So time to brainstorm. Here is my initial list formed in a 30 min frenzy of naming

  • Oh! Really (an O’Reilly pun)
  • Dark Sun (cool but more negative than I want)
  • Third Man (one of my fav films, but taken)
  • Splat (if I ever own a boat I want to call it Splat! with a big ink splat on the front of the spinnaker, but sadly taken)
  • Spotted Cow (dunno what I was thinking here)
  • Workstätte (I like those cool Viennese, Jungenstil dudes)
  • Umlaut press (I’m definitely in a teutonic mood)
  • Moonlight (after the sonata but mainly cos this is not my real job, taken)
  • 5th Symphony (more Beethoven)
  • Stochastic (a random choice)
  • Finite Chain (no idea what this was all about)
  • Exaptive (I guess cos I hadn’t originally intended to become “A Publisher” just wanted to write another book)
  • Spiral (I was looking at a picture of a spiral stair case)
  • Zero Point (very zen)
  • Invisible Hand

And there I stopped. Invisible Hand Publishing grabbed my attention and it stuck. I like the subversive, behind-the-scenes feel, the idea of an invisible hand typing books on a 40s style Remmington typewriter, and the Adam Smith reference (I mean I do want to make some cash out of this enterprise so referencing one of the holy gods of Capitalism can’t be a bad idea.) Also a logo of a hand outlined Murder Inc-style like a crime scene or, possibly, an invisble hand with a glowing neon blue outline appeals to me. I checked and no publisher with this name exists in Canada, the US or England (I must remember to check the antipodes.) The domain name invisiblehandpublishing.com is also free (invisiblehand.com is, predictably, taken) So so far so good.

I’ve now applied for an ISBN in Canada for a book called Sushigami in the name of Invisible Hand Publishing. Let’s see how long it takes the ungreased wheels of my government to turn.