The waiting is over. Today I received a very nice email from Maryse Plouffe, Collections Canada. The name seems to imply they are the division of the federal tax agency that collects unpaid taxes but they are in fact the library and archives division and the division responsible for handing out ISBNs.


Sushigami  is assigned  

ISBN 0-9780196-0-1  

Here is information on Legal Deposit:

For future contact, here is your publisher name and your
publisher prefix. Using these will help us to serve you better.

Your publisher name is: Invisible Hand Publishing
Your publisher prefix is: XXXXXX  

Thank you.  

Maryse Plouffe 
ISBN Agency/Agence ISBN Library & 
Archives Canada/Bibliothèque & Archives Canada  
Tel.: (819) 994-6872 or 866 578 7777 (toll free) 
Fax: (819) 997-7517 email:

So I am — or at least Invisible Hand is — now officially a publisher according to the Canadian Government. They have assigned Invisible Hand a small block of ISBNs for the books it intends to publish and — in particular — assigned my Sushigami book the ISBN 0-9780196-0-1. Cool. The project is official.