For the past two years, I’ve used Host Matters as my hosting service. So far I’ve been reasonably happy — good service and support, reasonable uptime, prices, etc. — but I tend to change providers every few years so I decided to hunt around for the best deal I could for this project. That’s when I hit upon : an amazing set of features (e.g. 50 dbs!!) for a very cheap price and with good reviews. I bit hard and purchased a two year contract. It’s not my normal style to go in hard like that, but something felt right about Blue Host.

Then the extraordinary happened.

For the first time in, oh, ten years, my hosting service called me, on a phone no less. I was standing in the kitchen cooking dinner for the wife and kids when the phone rang and my wife said a guy called Steve was calling me. Normally I’d assume this was some crank wanting money and tell my wife to fob them off, but again I went against my normal instincts and took the call. What a shock, Blue Host checking in that every thing was okay with my initial setup. I was very impressed. Last time I spoke with my provider was probably around ’96 when I last used a service called The Wire here in Toronto which was run by a guy called Allan Park.

I have to say Steve’s phone call left me with a strong, postitive impression and a feeling that I’d made the right choice in going with Blue Host. Time will tell.