May 2006

I had a photo-session to try to capture some of my original chopstick wrapper origami designs. Here some of the images.

Swan FoldSwan Fold

All the models were folded on plain or graph paper cut to the size of chopstick wrappers — though I have successfully folded them all ‘in the wild’ in sushi restaurants.

Tortoise FoldTortoise Fold

I captured the images using an old Canon G2. The lighting and the camera lens’ depth of field made it difficult to get the images in focus especially if I placed the image at an angle to the camera (such as the tortoise where the body is in focus but the head is out of focus.)

Double Headed FoldDouble Headed Fold

I used a blue cloth draped over a box. My idea was to try to enhance the ability to extract the image in photoshop. However, the cloth was a little too shiny and created a fringe pattern in many of the other images that I captured.

Bridge FoldBridge Fold

I’ll post some more designs when I get some better images.

Added the start of a tutorial on developing graphics for the rotate-model origami symbol.